A Disgraceful & Deceiving Headline from FOX News


I can’t say that I am completely surprised. Since Roger Ailes was unceremoniously dismissed from NewsCorp leadership — and since the Murdock boys have taken over the reins — FOX news has transformed from “we report, you decide” to “we’ll provide the sensationalist headlines, our sponsors will enjoy the clicks.”

The headline that stands in stark example today is this:

Why is this disgraceful? Because articles in their online publication — as well as a deluge of source-based comments — have outed the CDC for changing the reporting criteria related to COVID-19 deaths:

The latitude given for reporting a death as a COVID-19 death is stunning by any standard, let alone a medical standard. Given that this latitude exists, it is more than reasonable — and, in fact, intelligent — to conclude that the deaths attributed to COVID-19 to achieve the “highest coronavirus death toll in the world” are inflated and inaccurate.

Further proof of inducement to inflate the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 comes in another article published by FOX News. In the article, , State Senator and physician, Scott Jensen, spotlighted the obvious:

In a previous article, I asked everyone to follow the money regarding the COVID-19 issue. I am doubling down on that advice today.

In addition to the government paying out more for COVID-19 patients and their various levels of treatment through Medicare — and in the shadow of the federal government’s want to pay for all COVID-19 treatments, we have two smoky backroom figures that keep surfacing: Bill Gate and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Strategic risk consultant and best-selling author, F. William Engdahl, writes:

Prophetic or curiously and suspiciously accurate, Gates’ scenario of a SARS-based pandemic came to fruition in 2020.

Engdahl continues:

Aside from the fact that Gate’s company Microsoft can’t guarantee your computer won’t catch a virus, let’s ask ourselves some questions:

▪ How much money do Bill Gates and the companies funded by his foundation stand to make by drawing this pandemic out to employ their vaccine(s) as the end-all-be-all cure?

▪ How much money do Bill Gates and the companies funded by his foundation stand to make by selling the specialized delivery systems for the application of the vaccine(s)?

▪ How much money from the Gates Foundation is Dr. Fauci dependent on for his professional livelihood?

So, while FOX News is disingenuously (and I suspect unwittingly as they are increasingly bubblegum in their investigative reporting) acting the useful idiot for Bill Gates and the Davos crew, they are irresponsibly abdicating their duty dig into the details of what is happening, who the players are, and who stands to profit not only from this event but from all future events.

Political observers are keen to wax angrily about the “Deep State” and “The Swamp” in Washington, DC, but that smoky dark room — that “Swamp” reaches far beyond the US Capitol. It reaches and nests in Davos, Switzerland each year.

As to FOX News’ “Highest Coronavirus Death Toll in the World” claim: It’s easy to claim the number-one spot on the pandemic death charts if in that body count you include those who cough before having a heart attack or sneezing before getting into a fatal car accident.

We see you FOX News. Change your ways or die a media death like MSNBC and CNN only to be buried in the propagandist’s graveyard of obscurity and impotence, all because you sensationalized the news for profit.

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Frank Salvato

Frank Salvato is the executive partner at The CompassPoint Group, LLC, host of The Underground podcast, heard on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon and more