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I just read one of the most honest pieces of self-indictment ever written at I just read one of the scariest pieces of self-indictment at These two articles were one and the same and they define the complete arrogance of the Progressive movement; a movement which has now turned full-blown Fascist.

In this article, titled by Tucker FitzGerald (love the capitalized ‘G’ in Fitzgerald, it’s so painfully hip) he professes to explain to everyone that people who identify as Conservatives are completely miss-reading Progressives. He states clearly that, “We have no interest in everyone getting treated the same. We have no interest in giving all ideas equal airtime. We have no interest in ‘tolerating’ all beliefs.”

Indeed, Mr. Fitzgerald — with a capital ‘G’ — has it right when he says Conservatives have Progressives pegged incorrectly. Progressives aren’t “progressive” at all. They are Fascists.

In speaking from his pedestal of arrogance, he posits an example of “true equality” in saying that the election of a female President of the United States would mean nothing but a drop in the bucket. In Fitzgerald’s eye (and evidently those of his Fascist brethren, as well) he believes true equality can only happen in the instance of the presidency after 45 women are elected, consecutively, to the office.

Evidently, Mr. Fitzgerald’s testicles reside in the bottom of his girlfriend’s woMan-wallet.

Fitzgerald goes on to rationalize the Left’s anti-Trump violence by stating:

Not all rights are equal. Did you get that? Some people’s rights, depending on their circumstances, are not as sacrosanct as others. So:

· My right to free speech (which is actually my right to redress my government with political free speech) is not as sacrosanct as a Fascist’s “right” to expunge “hate speech” from college campuses.

· My right to freedom of religion (which means my protected right to practice my religion openly and without coercion) is not as sacrosanct as an atheist’s right to expunge all religion from the public square.

· My right to due process (which means my right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty) is not as sacrosanct as a Fascist’s right to try me in a court of public opinion; depriving me of my pursuit of happiness.

Mr. Fascist Fitzgerald — with the oh-so-hip capital ‘G’, aside from misidentifying our system of government as a “democracy (we are a Constitutional Republic), is declaring that the rights of the chosen ones; the rights of the oligarchic elite; the rights of the politically correct, blow-hard, American-hating, identity-challenged are more important than the rights of the overwhelming number of Americans who believe rights are equal to all and blind justice in due process is a protection of those rights.

The advent of political correctness started the assault on the sanctity of each person’s individual rights and freedoms. Political correctness serves as a gateway to a shadow set of laws that degrade and demean the Bill of Rights and our constitutionally protected freedoms.

Yes, I have the right to own a firearm (unless I live in Chicago where only criminals have guns) but it can’t be any number of weapons and in many cases, it cannot be accessible to defend myself. Don’t get me started on the limitations currently being placed on ammunition, which makes many firearms expensive paperweights.

Yes, I have a right to free speech but as a conservative, I can’t exercise it on a college campus or in the mainstream media without being shouted down and/or castigated. “Hate speech” is the socially acceptable charge against anyone not towing the Fascist line.

Yes, I have a right to freedom of religion, because I am not from an anointed group (Islamists comes to mind) I am not allowed to pray in public buildings or schools. If I worshipped Allah I can point East, get on my knees and obstruct traffic in downtown Detroit, should I choose, and you would be a “hater” to complain.

Yes, I have a right to due process and protection from illegal search and seizure but only until someone leaks private, court-sealed, or classified information to an agendized media. Then the smear gates open and there is nothing I can do about it. I am at the mercy of Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

The list goes on and on.

When we carve out exceptions to undeniable equal rights for all we create special classes of people and that means we elevate some while diminishing others. The German people allowed that to happen under Hitler, as did the Russian people under Stalin, the Venezuelan people under Chavez, and many more peoples and despots. That is not equal opportunity or equal rights. It’s Oligarchical Fascism where the elite chose the winners and the losers; facilitating opportunity for some while denying it outright for others.

Ladies and gentlemen, Progressivism and graduated to Fascism, and it has a great foothold in the mainstream society and government in the United States of America. Our country is dying…and the Fitzgeralds — with a capital ‘G’ — are celebrating about it.



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Frank Salvato is the executive partner at The CompassPoint Group, LLC, host of The Underground podcast, heard on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon and more